The 100 Timeline Explained: From Praimfaya to Sanctum (2023)

By Carla Day

Here's everything you need to remember, from the Ark to Sanctum.

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The 100 began its story by sending 100 teens from space down to the Earth on what was presumed to be a death mission. Was the Earth survivable or not? With the belief that the survival of the human race was on the line, the risk was determined to be worth it. These teens were Delinquents after all and destined to die anyway. Instead it was revealed over the 6-plus seasons that they weren’t the last humans at all. The history is deep and technology in various forms plays a definitive role in their survival. In Season 7, the concept of wormholes, black holes, and time dilation come into play. Here’s a general timeline of the series including, the Eligius mission, the happenings on and off Earth, Sanctum, and the newly introduced Skyring.


Before the Series

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  • Mount Weather Emergency Operations center is constructed in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the United States as a military bunker.


  • Charmaine Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic), Paxton McCreary (William Miller), Miles Shaw (Jordan Bolger), Becca Franco (Erica Cerra), Russell Lighthbourne (JR Bourne), Josephine Lightbourne (Sarah Thompson), Gabriel Santiago (Chuku Modu) and other key characters are born and live on Earth before the first nuclear apocalypse.


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  • Diyoza leads the terrorist group called United Liberation Army in multiple attacks against the United States until her arrest.


  • In the hopes of finding oil, the Eligius Corporation sends out space missions to find habitable worlds after the Earth is "tapped dry", first with the unmanned Eligius I, then a manned mission with Eligius II. In order to survive their exposure to radiation, these explorers were turned into Nightbloods, a process that turns a human's blood black and gives them resistance to radiation. They were also fitted with mind drives to record their findings.
  • The Eligius III mission is led by Russell Lightbourne and lands on the Alpha moon, where they find habitable land. Sanctum is founded by four families, called the Primes. Russell murders his family after being exposed to the red sun toxin and develops the technology to revive his people through host bodies.
  • Eligius III leaves Alpha and travels to Planet Beta (later named Skyring by Hope). The transport ship crashes on arrival and Dr. Colin Benson is the sole survivor. He lived alone in a cabin and studied the Anomaly and the Anomaly Stone. (Based on the recovered mind drive Gabriel later finds, Benson solved the code to activate the Anomaly Stone and found "the Bridge" to travel through space and time. It doesn’t seem like he used it though, since his skeleton was found on Skyring.)
  • The Eligius IV mission uses prison labor, including prisoners Diyoza and McCreary, to search for habitable planets. When crewmember Shaw refuses to kill the prisoners, Diyoza leads a mutiny and takes control of their transport ship. They abandon their mining mission to return home. In order to survive the long journey back to Earth, the prisoners go into cryosleep.


  • Dr. Becca Franco, a former Eligius scientist who invented the technology to create Nightbloods, creates the artificial intelligence called A.L.I.E. (Applied Lucent Intelligence Emulator) and quickly tries to shut it down that same year when she realized the A.I. deems human overpopulation as the greatest threat to human survival.
  • Becca retreats to her space station Polaris to continue studying, where she created a new A.I. dubbed A.L.I.E. 2


  • A.L.I.E. launches a worldwide nuclear strike to save the human race due to its calculation that there were “too many people.” She set out to solve the world’s overpopulation problem by eliminating enough of the human race to save the rest.


  • October 1st is Unity Day. There was tension between the 13 individual space stations active after the nuclear apocalypse. Fearing A.L.I.E. 2.0, Alpha Station destroys Polaris, bringing peace and unity to the remaining 12 space stations, who combine to form the Ark -- the supposed last bastion of human survivors.
  • Just before Polaris is destroyed, Becca uses an escape pod to evacuate to earth, turning herself into a Nightblood, bringing the Nightblood technology and A.L.I.E. 2.0 with her.
  • After crash-landing on earth, Becca is burned at the stake by the doomsday cult Second Dawn. Her story becomes the legend of the First Commander and her technology becomes the foundation of the Grounder society, with the Nighblood passing through Grounders. A.L.I.E. 2.0 becomes "The Flame," a chip passed down and implanted through the generations of Grounder leaders called Commanders, which contains the memories of all Commanders before them.


  • On the Ark, Abigail Griffin (Paige Turco), Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick),Thelonius Jaha (Isaiah Washington), Charles Pike (Michael Beach) are born and live in humanity's post-apocalyptic society in space.
  • The generation below them also grows up on the Ark, including Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy and Octavia Blake (Bob Morley andMarie Avgeropulous), Monty Green (Christopher Larkin), Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan), John Murphy (Richard Harmon), Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick), Harper McIntyre (Chelsey Reist), Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell), Nathan Miller (Jarod Joseph), and Wells Jaha (Eli Goree), all of whom will make their way to Earth at the start of the series.
  • On Earth, the Grounders become the descendants of Earth's human survivors, developing new languages, faith, and customs foreign to the pre-apocalypse world. 12 Grounder Clans emerge, as well as societies of nomadic grounders.
  • Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Anya (Dichen Lachman), Indra (Adina Porter), Gaia (Tati Gabrielle), Roan (Zach McGowan), Luna (Nadia Hilker), Lincoln (Ricky Whittle), Echo (Tasya Teles), and Emori (Louisa D'Oliveira) are born and raised in Grounder society.
  • Mount Weather houses the other survivors on the human race on Earth, who survive in relative comfort (there's even electricity!) after the apocalypse, but become unable to survive in the irradiated outdoor world after being sheltered. The society is governed by President Dante Wallace (Raymond J. Barry) and his son Cage Wallace (Jonny Whitworth) after him. In 2093, the doors of Mount Weather open, leading to the death of 54 citizens and the realization that they can no longer survive on the radiated ground. Maya Vie (Eve Harlow) is one of the 384 citizens living in Mount Weather at the start of the series.

Season 1

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  • 97 years after the nuclear apocalypse, the humans living on the Ark in space believe they are the last of humanity. Due to limited resources, rules are strictly enforced aboard the Ark, with punishment for breaking them being death. Adults are “floated” (aka, expelled to space through the airlock) and delinquent minors are imprisoned until they reached the age of 18.
  • Even with the strict laws and rationing, oxygen supplies are running low on the Arc, leading the Council leaders to send one hundred Delinquents to Earth to find out if the ground is livable or not.
  • After landing on Earth, the 100 found oxygen and radiation levels survivable, but the ground was not without its dangers and threats both external and within the group. Clarke Griffin immediately emerges as a leader of the Delinquents.
  • Once on the ground, the Delinquents discover (horribly) there is acid fog at night and realize that those on the Ark aren’t the last living humans. There are survivors on Earth after the nuclear apocalypse, the Grounders. War ensues between the Grounders and the so-called Sky People, who unintentionally invaded Grounder territory when they landed on Earth.
  • Wells Jaha is murdered by a 12-year-old delinquent named Charlotte in retribution for his father's actions on the Ark. Murphy is blamed for Wells' death and almost lynched before being banished, cementing his status as the outsider of the group. Charlotte takes her own life out of guilt shortly after Wells' murder.
  • Unaware that the Earth below them is livable, the Council aboard the Ark enacts Kane and Jaha's last-resort survival measure called "the Culling;" 320 Ark citizens volunteer to give up their own lives in order to provide the time and oxygen to allow the Ark to repair its life support systems. They die peacefully of a sleep-inducing gas.
  • The Grounder warrior Lincoln is captured and tortured by the Delinquents until Octavia sets him free, swaying him to become one of the first sympathetic Grounders to the Sky People. Octavia and Lincoln fall in love.
  • Clarke attempts to negotiate a peace with the Grounder leader Anya, but it fails, leading to all-out war.
  • Out of the Original 100, plus Bellamy, a stowaway who joined the mission to protect his sister, and Raven, who came in an old escape pod, only 48 of the teens survive on the ground after the first month.
  • During the climactic finale battle, Murphy shoots Raven on the dropship. She survives thanks to intervention from Finn and Clarke, but is left with chronic pain and impairment in her legs.
  • In a life or death battle to win the war, the leaders of the Delinquents (including Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, and Jasper) incinerate hundreds of Grounders using the dropship jets.
  • At the same time, the Ark is brought to Earth to save the remaining survivors on board. Jaha sacrifices himself by staying in space to save the rest of his people. When the Arkers land on Earth, they see smoke and start to head towards what they assume is the Delinquent camp.
  • Following the Grounder dropship massacre, all of the surviving Delinquents and Grounders in the area are captured by the Mountain Men. Clarke awakes in a sterile white room, where she sees her fellow captors are locked up in matching cells in the Mount Weather Quarantine Ward.

Season 2

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  • After waking up in Mount Weather, Clarke immediately attempts to escape, taking a terrified Maya hostage, before she discovers her friends have been “peacefully welcomed” into the bunker. Clarke is suspicious and attempts to escape, but quickly learns that that Mountain Men have no toleration to the radiation on the ground and if she causes a breach, they could all die.
  • A number of the Delinquents are still on the ground, including Bellamy, Murphy, Finn, and Octavia, leaving them to fend against the Grounders.
  • Octavia is dying from a poisoned arrow and Lincoln takes her to his village in tondc, where she meets healer Nyko and warrior Indra. Nyko and Lincoln are captured by the Reapers.
  • Clarke discovers that the Mountain Men are harvesting the blood of Grounders in an attempt to improve their tolerance to radioactivity. She finds Anya in a room full of caged Grounders and they escape Mount Weather, discovering that the Mountain Men are responsible for creating Reapers.
  • Octavia and Indra rescue Nyko, but Lincoln is taken to Mount Weather, where he is transformed into the Reaper using drugs and pavlovian training.
  • Kane embarks on a mission to make peace with the Commander of the Grounders, naming Abby Chancellor.
  • Jaha hallucinates a baby on the Ark, which inspires him to defeat impossible odds, using a missile to return to the surface of Earth. He lands in the desert, where he meets a family of Nomadic Grounders, who tell him of a promised land called the City of Light. He is quickly traded to a bounty party.
  • Following their escape from Mount Weather, Clarke and Anya make their way to Camp Jaha, the new base established by the recently-landed Councilmen from the Ark. They forge a reluctant truce, deciding that an alliance is the only way to stop the Mountain Men.Anya agrees to plea for peace with the Commander, who was once her “Second,” the Grounder term for a warrior’s apprentice. However, as they reach the boundaries of Camp Jaha, Anya is shot and killed by the guards.
  • Bellamy, Murphy, and Finn discovered that one of the landing stations from the Ark crashed on impact, leaving only one survivor but much-need supplies. Bellamy and the survivor make their way back to camp, while Murphy and Finn head out in search of Clarke and the rest of the missing Delinquents. Back at Camp Jaha, Raven discovers Mount weather is using a frequency to disrupt their communication with the rest of the Ark survivors.
  • While frantically searching for Clarke, Finn massacres a village of unarmed grounders, further demolishing any chance of peace.
  • Kane arrives at Tondc and to convene with the Commander and is imprisoned, where he finds Jaha. They are locked in a cage with a servant girl and ordered to fight to the death with the survivor left to speak for the Sky People. Kane opts to sacrifice his life, a decision that pays off when the servant girl is revealed to be Lexa, the Commander of the Grounders, who has a newfound respect for him. All the same, she sends Jaha back to the camp with a message for the Sky People: “Leave or die.”
  • After a coordinated breach in Mount Weather, Jasper volunteers to a blood transfusion with Maya, proving that blood from the Arkers is exponentially more beneficial. When that proves insufficient, the Mountain Men start harvesting their bone marrow; an operation that will kill all the delinquents in Mount Weather.
  • On a mission to destroy the Mount Weather radio tower blocking their transmissions, Octavia and Bellamy discover that Lincoln has become a Reaper. Clarke realizes that the Acid Fog is a chemical weapon created by Mount Weather.
  • As Camp Jaha prepares to evacuate rather than face war with the Grounders (who have them outnumbered and out-trained,) Clarke realizes that Lincoln’s transformation is founded on drug addiction and that the Sky People can negotiate for peace by promising to return Grounders who have been transformed into Reapers through medicine. Lexa agrees, but on the condition that Finn must die for his war crime.
  • Rather than subject Finn to the torture of Grounder justice, Clarke talks her way into the execution and kills him quickly and mercifully.
  • Bellamy and Lincoln embark on a mission to infiltrate Mount Weather and destroy the Acid Fog machine. Lincoln relapses and Bellamy is captured, where he meets the Grounder Echo, but Maya helps him escape and commits to the Delinquents and Grounders fight.
  • Jaha and a group of followers, including Murphy, leave the group to find the City of Light to find a new home for the Arkers, where they can live in peace from the Grounders. On their journey, they meet a Nomadic Grounder named Emori, who bonds with Murphy.
  • During a meeting of the 12 Grounder clans in Tondc, Mount Weather launches a missile that kills hundreds of citizens and leaders among the Grounders and Sky People. Clarke urges to warn the innocents before the attack, but Lexa insists they must be sacrificed in order to prevent the Mountain Men from knowing they have a man inside.
  • While the Mountain Men are harvesting more Delinquents by the hour, Bellamy destroys the Acid Fog machine and the Battle of Mount Weather begins, the Grounders and Sky People marching together.
  • When they arrive at Mount Weather, Lexa betrays Clarke and the Alliance, agreeing to a truce with the Mountain Men so that the Grounders can escape in exchange for the lives of the captive Delinquents.
  • Clarke and Octavia infiltrate Mount Weather. In order to save their people, Clarke and Bellamy pull a lever that irradiates Mount Weather, killing the entire population of Mountain Men who had not yet been treated with the Arker blood, including Maya, who fought by their side. She dies in Jasper’s arms, from which he never psychologically recovers.
  • After a deadly journey to the City of Light that kills their entire entourage, Jaha and Murphy arrive at the would-be promised land. Murphy finds a bunker with retro motorcycles and rock ‘n roll on the radio, along with a video of a man apologizing before killing himself. Jaha walks into a mansion, where he meets a hologram of ALIE 1.0, the A.I. who launched the nuclear apocalypse, who thanks him for bringing the missile back to Earth, telling him “We have work to do.”

Season 3

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  • Murphy is sealed in the City of Light bunker, where he learns the truth of Becca, ALIE, and the A.I. that ended the world. Eventually, months later, the containment door is opened and he escapes to the mansion where he finds Jaha a converted man, promising “The City of Light is real.” It’s not long before we realize he can see and talk to ALIE when other people can’t – he’s taken a “chip,” which indoctrinates him to ALIE’s design.
  • Murphy and Emori escape together, bonding and falling in love on their shared journey as relentless survivors.
  • It’s three months since the Mount Weather killings and situations have changed. Camp Jaha has been renamed Arkadia, where the survivors of the Sky People attempt to rebuild their society and track down the rest of the Ark landing stations. Tensions are still high with Lexa and Triku when the grounder clan called Ice Nation emerges as a new threat. Clarke has disappeared following the Mount Weather massacre.
  • Clarke is living among grounders in an attempt for anonymity, having earned the moniker “Wanheda,” aka Commander of Death, for her actions on the dropship and at Mount Weather. That name makes her a symbol of power to the Grounders, and a target of the Ice Nation, who want that power. Bellamy and several other Arkers set out to find her, but she is captured by a Grounder.
  • That Grounder turns out to be the banished Prince Roan of the Ice Nation, who will become an ally and an adversary.
  • Bellamy, Monty, and other Arkadia crewmen finally find the people of another Ark landing station, including Monty’s mother and a former Ark teacher of ground skills named Charles Pike. Landing in Ice Nation territory, they were greeted with the most horrific introduction to Grounders yet, losing more than 10 children in the first contact.
  • Roan delivers Clarke to Lexa as a bounty, in hopes that the Commander will lift his banishment. She rejects him, telling him that his mother, Queen of the Ice Nation, is marching on Polis.
  • War with Ice Nation is brewing, so to strengthen her fold, Lexa offers Clarke the opportunity to bring the Sky People, aka Skaikru, as a 13th clan in the coalition of Grounders. A summit is to be held in Polis to join them in the Coalition.
  • Echo, the Grounder Bellamy rescued from Harvest, is revealed to be an Ice Nation warrior. She risks her life to warn him that that the summit is a trap. However, it is soon revealed that she’s a double agent working for her queen, Nia, to sow war.
  • Nia arrives at Polis and challenges Lexa’s authority as Commander, selecting Roan to fight for her in combat for leadership.
  • Pike rallies nationalist rhetoric against the Grounders and Lincoln is attacked within Arkadia. Pike convinces Bellamy to help him on a mission to eliminate a force of hundreds of Grounders.
  • Lexa and Roan enter the arena for a life-or-death battle to rule the Grounders. Lexa defeats him handily after a tough fight, but kills Nia instead, naming Roan new king of the Ice Nation.
  • Back at Arkadia, Abby prevents Pike from his mission against the Grounders leading to a new election for Chancellor. Pike is elected and immediately rejects the Coalition with the Grounders, leading his people into battle instead.
  • Clarke and Lexa travel to a Grounder village, discovering the remnants of the slaughter, including a wounded Indra, who tells them about Skaikru’s horrific war crimes and tells Lexa they reject the coalition with a familiar ultimatum: “Leave or die.”
  • Jaha returns to Arkadia, promising salvation in the City of Light. He begins preaching to the people, offering the chip as an answer to pain and suffering. Raven is among the first to take the chip in a desperate attempt to escape from her physical pain. Soon after, she stops limping… and meets ALIE. Other Arkadia citizens join behind her. Each new member becomes part of ALIE’s hive mind.
  • Lincoln gets into a fight with Arkadia guards after the mistreatment of a Grounder.
  • Lexa and Clarke make a vow to find peace despite Pike’s efforts, “Blood must not have blood,” and Clarke banishes the last living Mountain Man rather than execute him. Lexa’s Fleimkepa, Titus (Neil Sandilands), captures Murphy and tortures him for information, demanding retribution for the Grounder’s killed by Pike’s men. Though both Lexa and Clarke desire peace, they realize they have to stand by their people, finally consummating their love before they go their separate ways.
  • Lexa dies. Titus attempts to kill Clarke after she discovers Murphy, but the bullet hits his Commander, killing her instead. As she dies, Lexa promises her spirit will live on and Titus removes a chip from her spine; “The Flame,” aka Becca’s ALIE 2.0, which carries the consciousness of every Commander.
  • A rogue Nightblood, Ontari (Rhiannon Fish) of Ice Nation, executes Lexa’s intended heir and all the other Nightblood children, ensuring her ascension as Commander. Titus tells Clarke of one last Nightblood, Luna of Flokru, who can challenge Ontari to become leader of the Grounders. He anoints Clarke and gives her The Flame, killing himself before Ontari can force him to her cause.
  • During an attempted escape from Arkadia, Abby and Kane confess their love for each other. Bellamy, Octavia, Murphy, and Harper escape, among others. Lincoln turns himself in to prevent the death of Arkadia’s Grounder prisoners.
  • Lincon dies. Pike executes him publicly, shooting Lincoln in the head.
  • Stuck in Polis, Murphy endears himself to Ontari, becoming her lover and advisor.
  • In Arkadia, Raven attempts to fend off ALIE when she realizes the A.I. is killing off painful memories of people she loved, including Finn. ALIE prevails, using Raven to coerce Abby into taking the chip. Jasper escapes with Raven just, convening with Clarke and the rest of the Arkadia evacuees. Clarke uses what she learned from Lexa’s death to remove the chip from Raven, who reveals they can stop ALIE with a second A.I.
  • Jaha and ALIE venture to Polis, where they convince Ontari to take the flame, promising “all power, all wisdom.” She quickly converts the bulk of the Grounders.
  • Kane and Pike arrive in Polis, overwhelmed by ALIE’s converts. Both refuse to take the chip. Kane is crucified and relents.
  • Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, and other Arkadia escapees find Lincoln’s journal and set out towards the ocean where they meet Luna in an attempt to convince her to become the Commander. They also need a Nighbtlood to use The Flame and combat ALIE. Luna explains that she could have defeated Lexa in the Conclave to become Commander but walked away from violence and rejects them, choosing a peaceful like with her clan.
  • Meanwhile, a crew led by Raven and Monty seek to use ALIE’s uploaded code to find the second A.I. that could defeat her. Monty and Harper become a couple.
  • The Flame makes it to the Flokru camp, but Luna refuses to take the chip. However, it infiltrates her camp rapidly and she’s forced to kill people she loves. All the same, she rejects Clarke and the offer to become Commander, saying her way is the same as “Blood must have blood.”
  • Raven races to destroy ALIE and Jasper reveals he has taken the chip, stabbing Murphy without remorse.
  • Clarke and her expedition meet up with Roan on the way back, convincing him to join their fight against ALIE. They walk into a trap in Polis, where ALIE crucifies Roan and uses Abby to torture Clarke, first physically, then by forcing Abby to harm herself.
  • Murphy and Bellamy storm in just in time to save Abby’s life, but Ontari is critically wounded. Abby transfuses Ontari’s blood into Clarke, making her a Nightblood long enough to use The Flame, which guides her to take the chip and journey into the City of Light, where she can find the kill switch and destroy ALIE for good.
  • With Raven aiding Clarke on the outside, Clarke fights her way to the kill switch in the City of Light. She’s almost overcome by ALIE’s forces, but Lexa’s consciousness finds her and helps her fight.
  • When she reaches the kill switch, ALIE shows Clarke that the human race is doomed. The nuclear powerplants on earth are melting down, which means a second nuclear apocalypse is coming within 6 months. That means the City of Light is the only hope for the survival of human consciousness on Earth.
  • Clarke chooses freedom of choice and pulls the lever once again, destroying ALIE and the City of Light, telling the A.I., “We’ll figure something out. We always do.”
  • After Clarke executes the kill switch, those who took the chip are freed from ALIE’s control, ending the battle in Polis.
  • Pike dies. Octavia kills him in revenge for Lincoln’s unjust execution.

Season 4

The 100 Timeline Explained: From Praimfaya to Sanctum (6)
  • Freed from ALIE’s control, the survivors try to rebuild again, though the memory of what they did under control and the sudden absence of the peace she gave them haunts them in different ways.
  • Polis is invaded by Ice Nation, under Echo’s command. Clarke and Abby race to save Roan’s life, when he awakes Clarke gives him The Flame as an offer of peace and to ensure that the Grounders will follow him, telling him that they have six months to figure out how to save the human race.
  • Roan rules to uphold Lexa’s Coalition, once again making Skaikru the 13th Grounder clan.
  • A radiation wave hits the deserts of Egypt, killing anyone in its path.
  • Clarke, Bellamy, and Raven devise a plan to save the human race. Despite their efforts, they’re ultimately confronted with the reality that they have to choose 100 people that can be sustained on the Ark after the apocalypse.
  • Nyko brings Luna and the rest of Flokru to Arkadia. They all show signs of Acute Radiation Sickness, bringing news that the fish in the sea are dying. All of Luna’s people die. Luna survives because she is a Nightblood, which gives her a superior ability to process radiation. Abby devises a plan to turn everyone into Nighbloods so they can survive the nuclear meltdown
  • Jaha realizes that the Ark can only support a fraction of their people and leads them to the Second Dawn bunker, established by Bill Cadogan before the first nuclear apocalypse. However, a quick recon mission reveals the bunker is faulty.
  • Indra’s daughter, Gaia, steals The Flame from Roan.
  • Clarke drafts a list of 99 names for the Ark. Bellamy adds her name to the 100th spot. Monty discovers the list and announces it to the citizens of Arkadia, and Jaha proposes a lottery instead with qualified submission by public service.
  • Nyko dies. He is killed by a drone on Becca’s island, where Abby leads an expedition to turn Luna’s blood into the Nightblood cure.
  • Roan discovers Skaikru is turning the Ark into a bunker and deems the Alliance broken.
  • Octavia and Echo battle. Echo wins, stabbing Octavia and throwing her off a cliff. However, Octavia survives.
  • Raven discovers that Nightblood can only be created in space. Raven and Abby begin experiencing hallucinations and Raven trains to fly the launch pod into space.
  • Ilian, a young Grounder traumatized by what he did under ALIE’s control, destroys the Ark as an act of vengeance against Skaikru, destroying the last refuge of humanity in the process.
  • Black Rain falls on Arkadia, costing the life of dozens of citizens.
  • Abby’s first attempt to create Nightblood ends in the horrific death of a Grounder. They chain up Murphy and plan to use Emori as their next test subject, but Clarke intervenes and injects herself, becoming the first successful Nightblood transformation.
  • Monty, Kane, and Jaha follow a mysterious seal to Polis, where they discover a matching tattoo on Gaia’s arm that leads them to the Crypt of the First Commander. Unlike the Second Dawn bunker, the Crypt can sustain a number of the human race after Praimfaya. However, because Indra and Gaia are there when the bunker is discovered, they refuse to share it with Ice Nation.
  • Jasper and dozens of other Arkers chose to stay behind at Arkadia, taking their own lives before Praimfaya arrives. Harper is among them, but Monty convinces her to live.
  • Roan calls for a summit to establish peace in pursuit of sharing the bunker. It fails and war is declared to decide who gets possession. Clarke reveals she’s a Nightblood to Gaia and attempts to take The Flame in order to lead the clans to peace, but Roan and Abby interrupt the Ascension.
  • Roan calls for a Conclave to decide which clan gets the bunker. Luna, Roan, and Octavia all enter the Conclave. Luna kills Roan and Octavia kills Luna, winning the Conclave for Skaikru. However, she decides that an equal number of people from each clan will be saved, sharing the bunker as Wonkru.
  • Skaikru attempts to take the bunker by force, but Jaha and Kane gas them, allowing Octavia and the Grounders to move in peacefully. Ultimately, they decide to use Clarke’s list of 100 names to decide who stays in the bunker.
  • Bellamy, Murphy, Emori, Raven, Monty, Echo, and Harper go to space to survive on what remains of the Ark during Praimfaya. Clarke sacrifices herself and stays on Earth, but her Nightblood allows her to survive.
  • Clarke survives in the only inhabitable land left on Earth, Shadow Valley, with her daughter Madi, another Nightblood she found after Praimfaya. It’s been more than six years since she’s heard from the survivors in the bunker or aboard the Ark.
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Season 5

The 100 Timeline Explained: From Praimfaya to Sanctum (7)

2150 - 42 Days After Praimfaya

  • Clarke is surviving on the surface of the Earth alone, finding only post-nuclear wasteland. She treks to the remains of Polis.

2150 - 46 Days After Praimfaya

  • Clarke arrives at Polis and attempts to get into the bunker. Abby and Kane hear her knocking, but the ruins of Polis crash down on the bunker door, blocking it. Clarke locked out of the bunker and Wonkru is now completely trapped, unable to leave, even with the radiation suits they had prepared.

2150 - 58 Days After Praimfaya

  • Clarke discovers Shadow Valley, the last piece of livable land on Earth. She finds a Grounder village, where she meets a young Nightblood girl who turns out to be only other person left on Earth.


  • Trapped inside the bunker, Wonkru only has the resources to survive for five years. Cooper stages a rebellion and takes control of the farm station, locking everyone out but Skaikru.
  • Jaha dies. He is stabbed during a Grounder attack in retribution for Skaikru’s mutiny. Before he succumbs to his wounds, he helps Octavia retake control of farm station.
  • Octavia becomes Blodreina. She unites Wonkru by giving an ultimatum: “You are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru, chose,” killing everyone who defies her in combat. She institutes the fighting pits, where all who commit crimes battle to the death, with the victor earning their freedom. Cooper wins the first fight, becoming one of Octavia’s most loyal warriors.
  • Abby becomes addicted to painkillers.


  • This was the Dark Year in the bunker. Their resources did not last so in order to survive, Wonkru resorted to cannibalism of those who died in the fighting pits.


  • On the ground, Clarke and Madi have survived together, bonding as mother and daughter.
  • On the Ark, Bellamy, Echo, Emori, Raven, Murphy, Monty and Harper survive for six years on Monty’s algae while Raven tries to figure out how to get them back down to the surface of Earth. Echo and Bellamy are in love. They see the Eligius IV enter orbit and the Gangarin dropship descends to the ground.
  • In the Bunker, Octavia reigns over the fighting pits.
  • Bellamy and Raven lead a mission from the ark to Eligius IV, where they discover Diyoza has an army of criminals in Hypersleep. Bellamy, Echo, Monty, Harper, and Emori use a rocket to return to the ground. Raven and Murphy stay aboard the Eligius IV, where they threaten to pull the plug on Diyoza’s sleeping army as a bartering chip for peace.
  • Bellamy negotiates to have Diyoza’s men remove the rubble blocking the bunker and rescues Wonkru.
  • Diyoza and Shaw regain control of the Eligius IV systems, releasing the criminals from cyrosleep. Abby and Kane turn themselves over to Diyoza, who needs a doctor to treat an illness ailing her men.
  • Diyoza declares that the Valley belongs to her people, and any move into their territory will be an act of war. However, one of her men fires on Octavia, making war certain.
  • Diyoza orders Shaw to fire missiles on the bunker, but Shaw blocks the signal, saying it’s Raven’s work. Raven and Murphy are brought to the ground.
  • Octavia’s men march across the Wasteland towards Eden, where they are attacked by man-eating worms and glass sandstorms, falling to Diyoza’s forces. Diyoza offers safe passage to anyone who defects from Skaikru.
  • Octavia decrees to uphold Echo’s banishment.
  • Madi reveals she’s a Nightblood to Octavia, but pledges fealty to Wonkru. Gaia vows to protect her and teach her the ways of the flame, training her to become the next Commander. Octavia takes Madi as her second.
  • Clarke coordinates with Diyoza to share the Valley. Bellamy poisons Octavia, putting her in a coma until they can create peace. Wonkru rallies to go to war to avenge Blodreina and Madi agrees to take the flame so they will follow her instead. Octavia wakes and Clarke sets her free to stop the Ascension, but doesn’t arrive in time.
  • Diyoza’s second in command, McCreary, leads a coup and takes control of the Valley.
  • Monty creates a mass hydro farm inside the bunker so that they can survive without going to war for the Valley. Octavia burns the hydrofarm so they have no choice but war.
  • Abby overdoses, but Clarke arrives at the Valley just in time to save her. Kane is stabbed by one of the criminals, but Abby puts him in cryosleep in time to save his life.
  • Madi assumes her role as commander and leads Wonkru to victory at the Valley, but McCreary activates a nuclear launch code, obliterating the last livable land on Earth.
  • The survivors of Wonkru, the Ark, and Diyoza’s army return to space on the Eligius IV, where they watch the Earth burn. 412 survivors make it to the ship. They put themselves in cryosleep to allow the world to heal.


  • Monty and Harper's son, Jordan Green, is born aboard the Eligius IV.


  • Harper dies. She live until old age, dying of the same genetic condition that killed her father.


  • Monty charts a course to find new inhabitable planets and discovers an old Eligius mining planet in the Goldilocks system.
  • Monty dies of old age aboard the Eligius IV.


  • Jordan awakes Clarke and Bellamy as the Eligius IV approaches a fertile new planet.
(Video) The 100 CWseries Review | Summary || by Madi || S5 ||

Season 6

The 100 Timeline Explained: From Praimfaya to Sanctum (8)


  • Eligius IV arrives at Alpha, a settled moon. At night they are attacked by swarms of bugs and by day, they discover that the Red Sun Toxin drives them to violent insanity, almost killing each other.
  • Shaw dies. He accidentally runs into a defensive irradiation field while trying to escape a swarm of bugs.
  • They find a society of humans living there in Sanctum. Clarke and her people wanted to do things differently this time and live in peace. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen when it was found out that the Primes, who are considered gods by the citizens of Sanctum, use mind drives to achieve immortality by taking over the bodies of volunteers with Nightblood.
  • When the leader of the Primes, Russell Lightbourne (JR Bourne), finds out that these new arrivals have Nightblood, he's determined to use it to continue to resurrect his family. He implants his daughter, Josephine, into Clarke's body. Clarke's consciousness survives the process and she battles with Josephine in the "mindspace" for control.
  • Separated from the rest of the group, outside Sanctum, Octavia and Diyoza discover a sect of dissenters called the Children of Gabriel, who were founded by the defected Prime Gabriel Santiago.
  • They also discover the Anomaly, a wormhole that allows people to travel through space and time. A pregnant Diyoza sees visions of her daughter Hope and wanders into the Anomaly. She is absorbed and disappears, Octavia follows but is spit back out moments later.
  • Madi's consciousness is corrupted by Sheiheda, aka the Dark Commander, who killed his own flame keepers and uses the flame to lure new Commanders towards the path of evil. A separation ritual is attempted, but ultimately, to save Madi they have to destroy the flame. However, Sheiheda uploads his consciousness somewhere before it is complete.
  • Kane suffers ongoing health complications after being stabbed and in a desperate bid to save him, Abby uploads his consciousness into the body of a Sanctum citizen using a mind drive.
  • Kane dies. Unwilling to live in another body, he sacrifices himself to destroy the Primes' new Nightblood.
  • Russell uses Madi to create more Nightblood and continue resurrecting more of his family. Murphy, Emori, and Echo become Nightbloods and recieve mind drives, though they are never activated.
  • Abby dies. Russell kills her and uploads his wife, Simone, into her body. With Gabriel's help, Clarke defeats Josephine in the mindspace but she's not able to save her mother. Simone/Abby's body is floated.
  • There is a battle to take Sanctum and the truth about the Primes is revealed. Russell releases the Red Sun Toxin against his own people, but fails and is captured, leading to a precarious peace between Wonkru, the Children of Gabriel, the Eligius prisoners, and those who believe in the Primes.
  • Gabriel, Octavia, Bellamy and Echo go into the woods to research the Anomaly. Gabriel activates an Anomaly Stone and Diyoza's grown daughter Hope emerges from the Anomaly. She stabs Octavia with a tracker and Octavia disappears. Bellamy is taken by Disciples.

Season 7

The 100 Timeline Explained: From Praimfaya to Sanctum (9)


  • Clarke attempts to lead Sanctum towards peace, choosing not to execute Russell for his crimes and provoking the Children of Gabriel who demand justice. Clarke finally cracks and attacks Russell, burning down the Primes' palace.
  • Russell dies. Sheiheida kills the Prime and uploads himself to Russell's mind drive, taking over his body.
  • Bellamy and Octavia are still missing. In the woods, Echo, Hope and Gabriel find one of the Disciple suits from the attack and when they can’t get the suit off, they bring in Raven. She gets the helmet off the dead Disciple and puts it, uncovering information about the different planets.
  • When a new group of Disciples show up on Sanctum, one of them asks specifically for Clarke. She agrees to meet with them, but wants some time. He warns her that time moves differently between their planets and “every second counts.”
  • Later, Clarke goes to meet the Disciples at Gabriel’s and it’s a stand-off. Jordan walks in as a distraction and Raven takes out all the Disciples. She was tipped off by the helmet data that Clarke was tagged for rendition.
  • There is a nuclear meltdown in Sanctum and Raven chooses to sacrifice several prisoners in order to save the planet.
  • In order to find Bellamy and the others, Clarke, Raven, Miller, Jordan, Niylah use the Anomaly Stone to travel to another planet. They don’t know which one is the Penal planet and try the code for one of them. They end up on a cold and snowy planet. Unfortunately, there’s not another Anomaly Stone there for them to travel to the next planet.
  • Gaia remains behind to tell Madi and help maintain Sanctum. However, she is sucked through the Anomaly moments later by a mysterious Disciple.

2281: Skyring Time (SR)

  • Time moves differently on Planet Beta, a.k.a. Skyring due to a time dilation. A few seconds on the Alpha Moon is 3 months on Skyring. A decade on Skyring is only a minute or so back on Alpha Moon. We see this in the time differential between when Diyoza and Octavia left Sanctum and arrived separately on Skyring. This is also apparent through Octavia’s seemingly “quick” return to Gabriel in Season 6 through the anomaly. According to Hope, Octavia spent 10 years on Skyring before being taken away and she likely went to Bardo prior to returning to Sanctum.

SR: Day 1

  • Diyoza arrives on Skyring after walking into the anomaly following a vision of her daughter. She lives alone in a cabin in peace with plenty of food and water and without any threats.

SR: 3 months

  • Despite going into the Anomaly moments after Diyoza, Octavia arrives on Skyring three months after Diyoza, who is in labor with her daughter, Hope.

SR: Year 3

  • Diyoza, Auntie O, and Hope live peacefully together. Octavia continues her quest to get back to Bellamy by reaching the bottom of the lake, which she believes will allow her to travel back through the Anomaly. Hope names their planet, “Skyring”

SR: Year 6

  • Octavia gives up on swimming to the bottom of the lake to get to the anomaly and returning to Bellamy.

SR: Year 10

  • According to Hope, Octavia lived on the planet for 10 years. The Disciples show up on Skyring after finding the bottle and letter Octavia wrote to Bellamy. From the letter, they know about both Octavia and Diyoza and take them away. One of the Disciples says, “Anders wants you to remember everything.”
  • Hope was hidden away and remained on the planet. When we next see Octavia on Sanctum, she doesn’t remember anything. At this point, we don’t know what happened to Diyoza.
  • After a few months on her own, a prisoner, Dev, is left on Skyring with Hope. After a tense meeting, Dev and Hope become friends and he begins to train her so she can fight to find her mother and Octavia.

SR B: Day 1

  • Hope was on Sanctum for one day and she equated that to 100s of years in Skyring time. For simplicity, when Echo, Gabriel, and Hope are on Skyring, we'll denote the timeline as SR B.
  • Hope says that she tagged Octavia because Anders said he’d let her mother live. So, at some point, Hope interacted with Anders. She wants to go to Bardo, but the code was washed out during their trip to Skyring.
  • Gabriel finds the mind drive of Colin Benson and uses a memory reader to find the code to the Anomaly Stone. Unfortunately, the prisoner finds the reader, throws it down, and destroys it. This leaves waiting 5 years for Orlando’s Absolution Day as their current option to find their missing loved ones.

SR B: Year 1 - Orlando’s Countdown 04:10:22

  • Since Orlando isn’t interested in befriending them, Gabriel, Echo, and Hope plan a way to hook him with bait. Hope goes out into the water and pretends to be drowning. The plan works and Orlando swims out to save her.
  • Over dinner, they find out Orlando is a Level 12 and has access to everything on Bardo, which will help them rescue Diyoza and Octavia. Unfortunately, their plan hits a snag when it’s mentioned that Diyoza was a Navy Seal and Hope would have been taught how to swim. He feels played and leaves.

SR B: Year 1 - Orlando’s Countdown 04:08:18-17

(Video) The 100 Season 3 Recap

  • Orlando shows up while Gabriel, Echo, and Hope are training for the Absolution Day attack. Echo gets in his face and they fight with the victor winning the cabin. He takes her down, and the three end up sleeping outside by the fire.
  • Gabriel brings Orlando some vegetables and grains because he’s not looking well. Orlando warns him that the Disciples will bring more people on Absolution Day due to what happened the last time. Later, Orlando agrees to train them into Disciples as long as they promise not to kill anyone.

SR B: Year 5 - Orlando’s Absolution Day

  • When the Disciples show up, they realize something is wrong. When one of the Disciples goes after Echo, Hope doesn’t freeze this time and stabs the attacker. Orlando is upset because he knew the woman in the suit. At this point, Echo abandons their plans, betraying Orlando and killing all the Disciples despite Orlando’s pleas. Instead of killing him, she leaves him behind and they go through the anomaly.

SR B: After Orlando’s Absolution Day

  • On Sanctum, Disciple tells Clarke that Orlando buried the dead Disciples and committed suicide. She’s given the suicide note. He also refers to Skyring as the Penal Planet.


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