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Introduction: Well, with proper poultry farm business plan, you can reach your targets in commercial poultry farming business. You must also know about the poultry farm subsidy and scheme information before enetering to poultry business. We would like to present some basics about pultry farming subsides and vaailable schemes in Inda.

Poultry farm subsidy schemes in India

To encourage the farmers and entrepreneurs, Government of India has introduced many schemes and subsidies in poultry farm business. These are described below-

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The poultry venture capital fund scheme is a primary scheme given by NABARD and Ministry of micro, small and medium scale enterprises for supporting farmers and helping to promote poultry farming activity. The scheme helps in strengthening and supporting the poultry industry by providing employment or entrepreneurship opportunities in backward areas in India which in turn helps in the economic growth of the country. In this article, the poultry venture capital fund scheme is explained in detailed with all the information.

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The poultry venture capital fund scheme is described below:

  • PVCF encourages poultry farming scheme encourages especially farmers in non-traditional states and therefore supports the people in providing number of employment opportunities in backward areas;
  • Improves production of poultry products which have the high demand in the national market;
  • Improves productivity of units by providing proper training to the units through technology up-gradation;
  • Provides quality meat to consumers as per FAO standards and maintains all the hygienic conditions, and improves hygienic sale of poultry meat and products in urban areas and specially in neighbourhood societies through poultry dressing and marketing outputs;
  • Improves productivity by providing various facilitates for rearing of poultry species like quails, ducks, turkeys, which have good potential in market.

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Assistance provided under Poultry Venture Capital Fund scheme

The following support is provided by the government under the Poultry Venture Capital Fund Scheme:

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  • According to PVCF scheme entrepreneur’s contribution (margin) sanctions loans for up to Rs.1 lakh, banks may not hold on margin as per RBI rules and guidelines. For loans above Rs.1 lakh: 10% (minimum). For example if you want to set up a poultry business with a total investment of Rs.10 lakhs, then the entrepreneurs or farmers contribution or investment towards it must be at least Rs. 1 lakh to start.
  • For back ended capital subsidy it provides 25% of the outlay for people belonging to general category but 33.33 % is provided for SC/ST farmers and NE states including Sikkim. For example in the back-ended capital subsidy scheme, the entrepreneur needs to avail the bank loan and pay the instalments within due time. The final loan instalmentwhich is equal to 25% of the total investment amount for poultry farm would be adjusted as the back-ended capital subsidy.
  • Effective bank loan for the poultry farm subsidy is minimum 40% of the outlay. Bank loan must be obtained for at least of minimum 40% from the total project cost to avail subsidy. For example consider the total project amount is Rs.10 lakhs, and then the bank loan component should be at least Rs.4 lakhs.
Candidates eligible to apply for Poultry Venture Capital Fund scheme

The following entities are eligible to apply which helps to obtain assistance under the poultry venture capital fund scheme includes – farmers, individual entrepreneurs, NGOs, private limited company, cooperatives, groups of the unorganised and organised sector etc.

Procedure to apply for PVCF scheme

The NABARD which is known as National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Developmentpromotes the Poultry Venture Capital Fund scheme. It is an agriculture development bank in India having headquarters in Mumbai aimed to help and support farmers and encourage entrepreneurs. The aim and mission of NABARD is to promote sustainable and equitable agriculture in India and especially in rural prosperity through effective credit support, up graded techniques, agriculture related services, institutional development and other major innovative initiatives.

Documents required for applying PVCF scheme
  • Promoter’s request letter from New Delhi addresses to the Managing Director SFAC, need to be written on original letterhead of firm/company.
  • Sanction letter from thesanctioning authority which need to be addressed to the recommending branch.
  • Bank’s approved appraisal or process note bearing signature for sanctioning authority with terms of sanction based on term loan,up-to-date statement of account of Term loan, and Cash Credit if sanctioned already before.
  • Equity certificate such as CA certificate in case of partnership or proprietorship firms based on the type of the firm such asForm-2(PAS-3), FORM-5 (SH-7) and other documents included such as FORM-23 filed with ROC for farmer’s list/backward linkage duly supported by agreement, affidavit of promoters that they have not availed VCA in the past, unsecured loans raised by the promoters if you have any.
  • CA certificate has to be enclosed and is must.
  • Copy of previous Bank’s inspection report.
  • Bank’s confirmation letter that they will not release primary and collateral security without SFAC consent
  • Justification for margin of the quoted cost on working capital taken in the project cost

List of subsidies available for poultry farming

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The below are the list of subsidies available for poultry farms in India. These includes-

  1. The subsidy for north east region, hilly areas, LWE affected districts are 33.33% for BPL/SC/ST and for the APL is 25%.
  2. For Breeding farms for low input technology birds species the ceiling subsidy provided is 25% for Rs. 7.50 lakh.
  3. The subsidy for central grower unitsupto 16000 layer chicks per batch is 25% for Rs. 10 lakhs.
  4. Subsidy for hybrid layer units nearly 20000 layers is 25% for Rs. 2 lakhs.
  5. The subsidy for rearing other species of poultry is 25% of Rs. 5 lakhs. It also varies based on the size and the species.
  6. The subsidy provided for feed mixing units one ton per hour is 25% for Rs. 4 lakhs.
  7. The subsidy provided for transport vehicles open cage is 25% for Rs. 2 lakhs.
  8. The subsidy provided fortransport vehicles refrigerated is 25% for Rs. 2 lakhs.
  9. The subsidy provided for retail outlets marketing units is 25% for Rs. 3.75 lakhs
  10. The subsidy provided forretail outlets dressing units is 25% for Rs. 2.50 lakhs
  11. The subsidy provided formobile marketing units is 25% for Rs. 2.50 lakhs
  12. The subsidy provided for cold storage for poultry products is 25% for Rs. 5 lakhs
  13. The subsidy provided for egg or broiler carts is 25%.
  14. The subsidy provided for large processing units is 25% for Rs. 125 lakhs
  15. The subsidy provided for Emu processing units is 25% for Rs. 250 lakhs
  16. The subsidy provided for feather processing units or litter management is 25% for Rs. 125 lakhs. But this also varies in size of the unit.
  17. The subsidy provided for technology up gradation or an innovation including waste disposal or incinerators, mini-hatchers, egg vending machines etc. is 25% for Rs. 125 lakhs for new and innovative projects or value added cap depending upon the scope and importance of the project.

NABARD schemes for poultry farming in India

NABARD the only bank for agriculture provides 25 % of outlay as back ended capital subsidy for general category and 33.33% for SC/ST, hilly regions, and North East states. It means the interested business person or an entrepreneur has to first avail a bank loan only then subsidy can be availed from it. In simple terms, you can understand that 25% of your total investment will be sanctioned as back ended capital subsidy.

Poultry Farm Subsidy, NABARD, PVCF Schemes in India | Agri Farming (3)

In order to avail the subsidy of 40% of the total cost andit should be availed as bank loan to get the subsidy. For example, to get an outlay costing Rs. 10 Lakh your bank loan must be at least 4 Lakhs.

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