Here's How Simon Cowell Amassed His $600 Million Net Worth (2023)

Simon Cowellis mostly known for being that "rude British guy", however, there is far more to this than meets the eye. Cowell started off his career as a mailroom clerk at a record label, however, it did not take too much time before he went ahead and created his own label and found success there.

Cowell has since gone on to create and produce a plethora of reality talent competitions such as 'The X Factor" and "Britains Got Talent", in both Europe and the United States, which have since become some of the most successful talent shows in history. It is safe to say that Simon has completely reshaped the world of reality television and music all in one.

Considering his role in music, the number of shows he's appeared on and the number of musical acts he has formed, it is no surprise that Simon has amassed a $600 million net worth. He has without a doubt worked for every penny, and perhaps the "rude" bit was a ploy to do just that. Here is exactly how Simon Cowell became so rich!


12 Simon Cowell Started From Humble Beginnings

Before Simon Cowell was worth over $600 million and judging just about every single talent competition you can think of, he was working in the mailroom at his father'scompany. Simon's dad, Eric Cowell, worked as an executive at EMI Music Publishing and while he started off at the bottom, Simon slowly made his way farther and farther to the top. Although he was a shoo-in for an executive position, he wasn't given a promotion, which led to his departure from EMI.

11 He Formed Fanfare Records

Considering Simon Cowell couldn't make it big at EMI Music Publishing, he went on to create his very own record company. In 1986 Simon went ahead and formed E&S Music, which later went on to be renamed to Fanfare Records. It was clear that Simon had an act for music and music publishing, so it only made sense that he'd create his own company.

10 He Scored His First Hit Song "So Macho" In 1986

During this time, Simon Cowell had not hit any success just yet, despite having a few artists under his label. While it didn't happen overnight, Cowell finally signed Sinitta and the two managed to create the labels first ever hit song. Come 1986, Simon released Sinitta's song "So Macho", which instantly became a hit both in the United Kingdom and the United States. Simon still holds a special place in his heart for Sinitta and remains close to her today.

9 Simon Scored "Unchained Melody" In 1995

While it was clear that Simon Cowell was slowly but surely making a name for himself, he instantly reached mega-producer status in 1995. Simon had already had some success, but it wasn't until then that things really took off. Cowell had met "Soldier Soldier" actors Robson Green and Jerome Flynn who he later convinced to record "Unchained Melody", which was the first song of Simons' to top the charts. Funny enough, Simon now hates whenever contestants choose to sing the song on any of his shows!

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8 He Was A Judge For U.K.'s Pop Idol

After making millions with his own record label and two mega-successful songs under his belt, Simon Cowell was now extremely well known for his musicality and was offered his first ever gig as a judge on "U.K.'s Pop Idol". While the show itself did not last long, it ultimately catapulted Simon's career as a talent judge, and one that would secure him lots of money later on.

7 He Then Landed His Role On American Idol

After appearing on"U.K.'s Pop Idol", Simon was recognized across the globe, and come 2001 was offered to judge "American Idol". Simon gained recognition in America as being the "pompous" and "rude" judge that everyone could not get enough of. He would later remain on the show for 8 seasons before leaving to further continue his career as a music executive. While you might think that his 8 seasons on the show is what made Simon his million, you'd be surprised to find out that "Idol" contributed very little to his net worth.

6 Simon Founded Syco Entertainment

If "American Idol" was not the reason behind Simon Cowell's whopping net worth, then what was? Well, after his departure from "Idol", Simon went on to create his very own production company, Syco Entertainment. This was a huge game-changer for Cowell and one that would easily pay off in a few years. Not only was he a known talent judge, but he was now the head of his own company that could create and produce whatever shows they wanted.

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5 He Then Launched The X-Factor In The U.K.

Come 2004, Simon Cowell decided to keep on going with the trend of talent shows and created "The X Factor". The show was an instant success in the United Kingdom and was judged by Simon and a few other familiar faces such as Cheryl Cole, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger. The show blew up in the U.K. and would soon take on a life of its own after having many countries follow suit.

4 He Has Created Many Television Shows Afterwards

In addition to 'The X Factor", Simon Cowell went on to create a handful of other talent shows such as "Britains Got Talent" and an "X-Factor" in the United States. With a number of mega-successful shows under his belt, Simon Cowell was now racking in hundreds of millions of dollars, which isn't too shabby if we say so ourselves.

3 And He Produced Them All As Well

While this all sounds like an incredible feat for Simon Cowell and his production company, the star not only created the shows, judged on them, but he also produced them too! Considering how great the show's ratings were, Simon was making more money than you'd think, but he was also racking in more due to his many roles, such as producer!

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2 He Discovered Major Musical Acts

While Simon has proved himself to be a musical genius, one that has without a doubt transformed talent-based shows, he's provided us with some of the greatest acts. During his time on his many shows, Simon has discovered and signed a number of successful artists such as Fifth Harmony, One Direction, Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis and Little Mix. Considering how massive all of these acts are, it's no surprise that Simon got a cut from all of their careers.

1 He Invests In Prime Real Estate

While Simon Cowell has gone on to make most of his millions in the music industry, he has also managed to make a lot of money off of his properties. The star owns homes across the globe and has become quite a real estate genius as well. The housing market is a booming one, which is why Simon has bought and sold homes for a big enough profit that he can retire now and be set for life.

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