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What is Controversial Research?

If you have clicked here, perhaps you don’t know how to conduct controversial research. Also, the thought of choosing a controversial research topic might make the whole journey of research paper writing, tougher. However, before we proceed any further, let’s understand what controversial research is as it might increase your chances of writing excellent papers.

To clarify, writing controversial research topics doesn’t always imply that you ought to choose shocking or disturbing facts. Instead, you may select controversial topics that discuss social issues like religious conflicts or marijuana legalization. For instance, if you read newspapers, perhaps you will locate at least two controversial articles in them.

Mostly, writing controversial papers in colleges relates to argumentative essays, where the students ought to clarify their position and beliefs. However, the most challenging task in doing controversial research is to choose good controversial research topics. Thus, once you choose good research topics, certainly half of your hurdle is over. Hence, controversial research topics need clarity, inspiration as well as reflection of basic thoughts and ideas.


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How to Use Controversial Research Topics?

Let’s explore some of the key points below that might help you to choose outstanding controversial research topics.

  • Firstly, your subject needs inspiration and you need to have enough knowledge on the topic.
  • Secondly, it’s essential to narrow your ideas, while you select your controversial research topics. However, if your topic is broad, possibly it seems difficult to identify your topics and state clear viewpoints. Mostly, the students tend to make a claim that doesn’t seem common.
  • Thirdly, include a high degree of counter-agreement in your paper as you ought to research a controversy.
  • Fourthly, offer statistical information like unusual facts or surveys as you might want to strengthen your controversial research.
  • Lastly, eliminate plagiarism issues as it might happen that you will overuse statistics or quotes when reporting recent media events.

Irrespective of what you choose, youth gangs in Brazil or police violence in Florida, identify fresh examples to explain it. Perhaps, in this way, you will manage to relate your research to the thoughts and feelings of the audience. Most importantly, include explanations and appropriate references for each opinion you depict in the research papers. Also, every claim you make needs good resources to support it as you might want to write a strong paper. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem easy to write on pro-arm activists while you write on school violence topics. Hence, ensure to discuss specific topics as you might want to make your research valuable.

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How to Write Controversial Research Topics?

So, now that you know how to choose controversial research topics, let’s learn how to start writing on them.

  • Firstly, stir a discussion and conduct research as it doesn’t move around the same argument alone. Hence, select something that might make people question certain ideas and morals. Also, you ought to analyze opposite viewpoints and accumulate sufficient adequate proof.
  • Secondly, it doesn’t seem appropriate to just say that something is wrong. For instance, if you make a statement that video games create aggressive youth that might not seem appropriate. Instead, you ought to discuss facts like cognitive development and why the youth turns to video games.
  • Thirdly, consider exploring the whole controversy itself and let the audience form their own opinions.
  • Fourthly, ensure to select at least five controversial research topics made of different words. Perhaps, this will allow you to choose topics that might best meet your perspectives and positions.
  • Lastly, make sure to write a thesis statement that relates to your controversial research topics. Mostly, the professors look for impactful thesis statements as this might call for good grades.


List of Controversial Research Topics?

Basic Controversial Research Topics

  1. Uninsured patients and their safety.
  2. Video games and their violence.
  3. How is a nurse responsible for the patient’s behavior?
  4. All vegetarians are healthy- What is your viewpoint>
  5. Covid-19 and the controversies surrounding it.
  6. Personal medical data and its disclosure.
  7. Disabilities among the students- How to deal with it.
  8. Religious conflicts and their origins.
  9. Female versus male parenting.
  10. Analyzing the ethical aspects of beauty salons.
  11. Exploring the drawbacks of the fashion industry.
  12. The United States and its external politics.
  13. The right of prisoners to vote.
  14. Permission for Smartphones in schools.
  15. Social media and negative body image.

Simple Controversial Research Topics

  1. Demonstration of slavery in the media.
  2. Explore the problems of vaccine distributions.
  3. Medical tourism and its problems.
  4. The negative impact of the nightclubs.
  5. Causes of global warming- Who is to be blamed?
  6. Poland and its Abortion law
  7. Discuss the moral aspects of legalizing abortion in the United States
  8. Firearm Laws and its current scenario: An Indian perspective
  9. Discuss the restricted nature of Catholicism
  10. What are the major restrictions and prohibitions in Middle-east countries?
  11. Alcohol consumption and rape
  12. Alcohol consumption and domestic violence
  13. Gender discrimination in the field of academic science and medicine
  14. Juvenile delinquency and justice in the United States
  15. Discuss the reasons behind juvenile delinquency
  16. Video games and their violence.
  17. How is a nurse responsible for the patient’s behavior?
  18. All vegetarians are healthy- What is your viewpoint>
  19. Covid-19 and the controversies surrounding it.
  20. Personal medical data and its disclosure.

Impressive Controversial Research Topics

  1. Children taking care of young siblings- What is your viewpoints?
  2. Luxury parties and their prohibition.
  3. Permitting smartphones in schools.
  4. Males versus Females in Science.
  5. Religion is a compulsory subject in schools.
  6. The adverse impact of the nightclubs.
  7. Demonstrating slavery in the media.
  8. Analyzing the distorted view of the world in the USA.
  9. Ban of Facebook and Instagram use for the children.
  10. Public education versus Montessori Education- Explore the threat of Montessori education.
  11. Unequal distribution of healthcare services across the world.
  12. How is opium used for sedating purposes?
  13. Abolishing the tax system for the poor population.
  14. Athletes and morality.
  15. Relevance of teaching martial art in schools.

Amazing Controversial Research Topics

  1. How to approach the death penalty differently.
  2. Attitudes towards Aids patients.
  3. Why forgive student loan debts- Analyze from the college perspective.
  4. Prohibition of addictive drug production
  5. Ban on alcohol purchase and consumption among young adults
  6. Should luxury parties and gatherings be forbidden?
  7. Dark side of the glamour and entertainment industry
  8. Should night life be restricted from adolescents?
  9. Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine at schools and colleges for free
  10. Importance of martial arts for women
  11. Should reservations are provided to women at workplaces?
  12. Inclusion and anti-discrimination policies in educational institutions and workplaces
  13. Community college controversies open Pandora’s box in North Carolina
  14. Should nurses and healthcare professionals are allowed to serve criminals by hiding their information from police?
  15. Should student credits are allowed to every student?

Captivating Controversial Research Topics

  1. Should school teachers are permitted to provide private coaching?
  2. The safety of uninsured patients.
  3. The moral aspect of marijuana legalization.
  4. Should the elder children take care of their younger siblings?
  5. The violence in video games.
  6. Is being a vegetarian healthy?
  7. The impact of cell phones on health.
  8. Role of a nurse in maintaining the privacy of crime information.
  9. Community colleges and their negative outlook.
  10. Tobacco advertisements and their benefits.
  11. Marijuana legalization and its ethical aspects.
  12. Prohibiting the entry of minors in beauty salons.
  13. Capital punishment and its benefits for the media.
  14. Explain the relevance of school uniforms or should be abolished.
  15. Free college education– What is your viewpoint?
  16. Rap and Rock musicians- Substance promotion.
  17. Ban of animals in different research work.
  18. Social media dependency.
  19. Civil Rights
  20. Freedom of Speech and Censorship

Good Controversial Research Topics

  1. Climate Change
  2. Death Penalty or Capital Punishment
  3. Abortion
  4. Social Security
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Health Insurance
  7. Marijuana legalization
  8. Mandatory vaccination for Covid-19
  9. Women rights
  10. Religious freedom
  11. Ethical hacking
  12. Power of labor union
  13. Growth of extremism
  14. Outsourcing by government organizations
  15. Gun control

Trending Controversial Research Topics

  1. Police brutality
  2. Cyber security
  3. Reparations
  4. Immigration act of the United States
  5. Cybercrime: Phenomena, challenges and legal response
  6. Right to death
  7. Euthanasia
  8. Montessori schools: A threat to public education system
  9. Should religious studies are included in schools mandatorily?
  10. Life imprisonment and rehabilitation home: Which is best in moral ground?
  11. Biggest threats for sustainable tourism
  12. Should children be permitted access to beauty salons?
  13. Vaccine distribution is a problem.
  14. worldwide unequal access to healthcare
  15. the treatment of AIDS patients.

Latest Controversial Research Topics

  1. What health risks come with using a cell phone?
  2. Should we forbid using animals in a variety of research projects?
  3. Do humans contribute to global warming?
  4. Why do people take varied stances on the death penalty?
  5. Should those in poverty be exempt from paying taxes?
  6. Should nurses keep the details of the crimes a secret?
  7. The fashion industry’s shadow side
  8. the negative aspects of clubs.
  9. the way that slavery is portrayed in the media.
  10. the USA’s warped perception of the rest of the globe.
  11. community colleges have a bad reputation.
  12. Should nurses keep the details of the crimes a secret?
  13. the practice of sedating someone with opium.
  14. the problem with medical travel.
  15. Should children be permitted access to beauty salons?

Controversial Research Topics:

  1. the distribution of vaccines problem.
  2. The treatment of AIDS patients.
  3. Does using a cell phone pose a risk to our health?
  4. Should we forbid using animals in a variety of scientific projects?
  5. Does the issue of college students who are under stress using Adderall require more public attention?
  6. How far should psychological studies on obedience and conscience be permitted to go?
  7. Is committing minor offenses a socially sanctioned coping strategy?
  8. How much control do terminally ill individuals have over whether to end their lives?
  9. Why do people take varied stances on the death penalty?
  10. Should those in poverty be exempt from paying taxes?
  11. Should nurses be permitted to don hijabs or other religious attire?

What’s next?

If you have reached here, perhaps this blog has driven your interest and you know to write controversial research topics. In case of further issues, talk to your professors or seniors who might help you out in delivering outstanding assignments. Also, you may reach out to our assignment expert, who may write the whole controversial research assignment for you. However, we recommend you to read the blog several times and understand the basics of controversial research. Irrespective, of the fact whether you write your assignments or get it done through our assignment help experts, try understanding the basics. Perhaps, understanding controversial research topics might benefit you in the long run and excel in your profession.

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